How You Can Help

This project is ongoing. My goal with The Rankings is go back as far as a decade with some of the anthologies.

You can help The Rankings fill in the gaps left by the many missing issues, so that I can properly list all the anthologies by the number of publications that actually had stories appear in them, and by the number of publications acknowledged in the back matter of several anthologies containing notable stories.

How You Can Help:

I don’t need to have an actual physical copy for many of the missing issue, so if you have any of the below anthologies, and have access to a decent scanner, or ever a digital camera, then you can either scan or photograph the Table of Contents section listing all the publications, and the Other Notable Stories section found in several of the anthologies, and send it to me via email. For Best American Mystery Stories I need the Title Page of each story entry that lists the publication. I will be extremely grateful for any help you can provide, and I will publicly acknowledge this assistance on my site.

Missing/Incomplete Issues

Best American Short Stories: 2000-2010

Complete: Thanks Emily and Yvette Ward-Horner!

Best American Nonrequired Reading:

2000 (Entire Issue)

2001 (Entire Issue)

2002 (Notable Nonrequired Reading)

2003 (Notable Nonrequired Reading)

2004 (Notable Nonrequired Reading)

2005 (Notable Nonrequired Reading)

2006 (Entire Issue)

2007 (Notable Nonrequired Reading)

2008 (Notable Nonrequired Reading)

2009 (Entire Issue)

2010 (Entire Issue)

New Stories from the South:

2005 (Entire Issue)

Best of the Web:


Best American Mystery Stories:

2000 (Entire Issue)

2001 (Entire Issue)

2002 (Entire Issue)

2003 (Entire Issue)

2004 (Entire Issue)

2005 (Entire Issue)

2006 (Entire Issue)

2007 (Entire Issue)

2008 (Entire Issue)

2009 (Entire Issue)

2010 (Entire Issue) Thanks R.A. Allen!

Surreal South:

2007 (Entire Issue)

2009 (Entire Issue)

StorySouth Million Writers Award:



One thought on “How You Can Help

  1. I think I can help you out with BAMS 2010. I have a remunerative copy and will attempt to scan and send what you need. Headed out of town tomorrow (12/11/10); I shall tackle the job, perhaps in piecemeal fashion, next week.

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