Pushcart Prize XXXVI (2012)

I got a letter today from Mr. Henderson (written on an Olivetti Studio 46 Manual typewriter) with a full list of magazines and winners. 66 authors made it in with stories, poems and nonfiction (35 men and 31 women for all you keeping track of the gender war) with over 100 special mentions (sorry, not listed).

Lists are below.

Pushcart XXXVI: Authors & Presses


Pushcart Prize 2012 Winners Announced

*Full list of authors and presses can be found here.

Here are the winners I’ve come across thus far. Post in the comments section below if you know of others (there are a lot!)

Kenyon Review

Kathleen Graber  “The Telephone”  Poem

E.C. Osondu “Janjaweed Wife” Fiction

Alan Michael Parker  “Family Math” Poem

New Letters

B. H. Fairchild “Logophilia” Essay

Lydia Conklin “Rockaway” Fiction


Anis Shivani “Essay on MFA System” Essay

Green Mountains Review

Nancy Mitchell  “Grace Notes” Poem

Bellevue Literary Review

Celeste Ng “Girls at Play” Fiction

The Georgia Review

Anna Solomon “The Lobster Mafia Story” Fiction

American Short Fiction

Susan Steinberg “Cowboys” Fiction

The Southern Review

Mark Richard “House of Prayer No. 2” Nonfiction

Gettysburg Review

Eve Becker “Final Concert” Nonfiction

Update 20 May 2011

New England Review

Patrick Phillips “Spell Against The Gods” Poem


Frederic Tuten “The Verandah” Fiction

Update 24 May 2011

Alaska Quarterly Review

Donald Platt “Man on the Dump” Poem

Paris Review

John Jeremiah Sullivan “Mister Lytle” Nonfiction

The Red Tower: New and Selected Poems

David Rigsbee “Russians” Poem

Cincinnati Review

Jane Springer “Murder Ballad” Poem

Pushcart Prize Editor

In the middle of January Bill Henderson called and asked me to read/edit some of the fiction nominations for Pushcart Prize XXXVI. I’m very excited and eager to begin reading the nominations. They arrived yesterday in a box weighing 21.8 pounds! I cannot even begin to count them.

I won’t say or post any more about it until my duties are finished in April. But I have always been interested in seeing how this selection process worked. And now I’m a part of that process!

December Update!

It’s been awhile since I was able to update the site; however, the past few weeks have given me ample time to do so.

I’ve updated New Stories from the South and was finally able to put up a list from Best American Mystery Stories, but the big news is that the Best American Short Stories list is FINALLY COMPLETE. I now have rankings from the past ten years of BASS anthologies!

I’m going to start a side project based off of this new data. Stay tuned!

storySouth Million Writers Award

The list ranks the number of times stories from select markets appeared in, or were listed as notable mentions in the storySouth Million Writers Award from 2004-2009.*

Missing issues from this list: 2004; 2005; 2006; 2007

Click here to find out how you can make this list complete.

Agni 13
Blackbird 13
Narrative magazine 13
Strange Horizons 13
OSC’s Intergalactic . . . 11
Storyglossia 11
Pindeldyboz 10
Subterranean 9
Clarkesword Magazine 8
Fantasy Magazine 8
Carve Magazine 7
Eclectica Magazine 7
Thuglit 7
Word Riot 7
Baen’s Universe 6
ChiZine 6
Per Contra 6
failbetter 5
Farrago’s Wainscot 5
Menda City Review 5
StoryQuarterly 5
Anderbo 4
Apex Magazine 4
Cha: An Asian Literary Journal 4
Drunken Boat 4
LitNImage 4
Memorious 4
storySouth 4
Mississippi Review 4
3AM Magazine 3
Aberrant Dreams 3
Abyss & Apex 3
Elimae 3
Eyeshot 3
Identity Theory 3
Lone Star Stories 3
Lost Magazine 3
Monkeybicycle 3
Night Train 3
Our Stories 3
Ploughshares 3
The King’s English 3
The Thrilling Detective 3
Thieves Jargon 3
Underground Voices 3
Wheelhouse Magazine 3
42opus 2
5 Trope 2
Atomjack Magazine 2
Beneath Ceaseless Skies 2
Boston Review 2
Cafe Irreal 2
Cezanne’s Carrot 2
decomP 2
Freight Stories 2
Front Porch Journal 2
Gowanus 2
Lamination Colony 2
Pick of the Spindle 2
Plots with Guns 2
Serendipity Magazine 2
Stirring: A Literary Collection 2
Summerset Review 2
The Apple Valley Review 2
The Dublin Quarterly 2
The Workplace Anthology 2
Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction 2
Tor.com 2
Words Without Borders 2
Coyote Wild 2
Diagram 2
Helix 2
I am this Meat 2
Oxford Magazine 2
Southern Gothic 2
Verbswap 2
Arch Literary Journal 1
Bear Creek Feed 1
Fiction Weekly 1
FlatManCrooked 1
Granta 1
Hayden’s Ferry Review 1
Hot Metal Bridge 1
Keyhole Magazine 1
Literal Latte 1
New Mississippi Review 1
New Ohio Review 1
On the Premises 1
Orange & Sardines 1
Publishing Genius Press 1
Rope and Wire 1
Segue 1
Smokelong Quarterly 1
Still Blue Project 1
Subtropics 1
The Exquisite Corpse 1
The Literary Review 1
The Paris Review 1
Toasted Cheese 1
Unlikely 2.0 1
The2ndHand 1
3711 Atlantic 1
Bear Parade 1
Cautionary Tale 1
Contrary Magazine 1
The Del Sol Review 1
Demolition 1
Dogmatika 1
Fawlt 1
Five Chapters 1
Green Interger Review 1
The Hub 1
In Posse Review 1
Mad Hatters Review 1
Nerve 1
Steel City Review 1
Susurrus 1
Terrain 1
Titular 1
Weird Tales 1
Yellow Mama 1
Zoetrope 1

Electric Literature

Say what you will about Electric Literature.

The online magazine has made quite a splash since its first issue less than one year ago. It may be one of the best markets to fully use emerging gadgets and technology to Tweet and YouTube “hip” back into literary journals.

I’m no fool. I know literary markets struggle for quality submissions, and it’s a royal pain to shift through the slush pile and not come up with a single acceptable story, but when one looks at the actual authors who’ve appeared in the three issues of Electric Literature it is hard to find a single emerging author in the bunch. At $1000 per story I’m willing to bet that a whole lot more folks have submitted stories to Electric Literature than what Duotrope reports.

Time will tell if Electric Literature will be a place for emerging voices, or like the more established Narrative Magazine, be a market for already established voices finally brought online to the web.