And the Winners are . . .

The 2013 Pushcart announcements went out as of today. I know of only two announcements but there are sure to be more announced via Facebook and Twitter, so send in a link once if you hear of one and I’ll do my best to post them.

Bess Winter’s story “Signs” from American Short Fiction

James Robison’s story “I See Men Like Trees, Walking” from Wigleaf

The Wigleaf story is interesting, because there have been so few stories selected from online journals in the Pushcart.

Update 4/27:

Matt Hotham sent in this link for two winners from BOA Editions

Michael Waters’s poem “Beloved,” from his collection Gospel Night, and Deborah Brown’s poem “Walking the Dog’s Shadow,” from her collection of the same name will be included in the 2013 issue.

Update 4/28:

Benjamin Percy’s story “Writs of Possession” published in Virginia Quarterly Review.

Update: 5/4:

Jeanne Shoemaker’s story “Sonny Criss” published in Iowa Review. (First published story!)

Update: 5/7:

Paul Stapleton’s story “The Fall of Punicea” published in J Journal: New Writing on Justice.

Update: 5/8:

Jennifer Percy’s essay “Azeroth” published in AGNI. (She’s Benjamin Percy’s sister. They also each won an NEA grant this year. )


7 thoughts on “And the Winners are . . .

  1. hi, is it typical for nonfiction winners to be announced later than fiction/poetry? Have you heard of any winners of essays?thanks!

    • Barbara:

      I haven’t heard of any nonfiction winners yet. I assume the announcements went out to the journals at the same time as the all the rest. It is the end of the semester at many places and many editors are also teachers, so some journals may not have had a chance to announce their winners just yet.

  2. hi again, still wondering if you’ve heard of any more essay winners? is it just slow in coming this year, or is this typical??

  3. I’m confused: I was told a few weeks ago that I’d been nominated, but the list of winners posted here is for winners already chosen for the 2013 list. So is/was my nomination for naught? Or should I expect a list to appear in the Spring of 2013 entitled “2014 Winners”? Thanks!

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