Pushcart Prize 2012 Winners Announced

*Full list of authors and presses can be found here.

Here are the winners I’ve come across thus far. Post in the comments section below if you know of others (there are a lot!)

Kenyon Review

Kathleen Graber  “The Telephone”  Poem

E.C. Osondu “Janjaweed Wife” Fiction

Alan Michael Parker  “Family Math” Poem

New Letters

B. H. Fairchild “Logophilia” Essay

Lydia Conklin “Rockaway” Fiction


Anis Shivani “Essay on MFA System” Essay

Green Mountains Review

Nancy Mitchell  “Grace Notes” Poem

Bellevue Literary Review

Celeste Ng “Girls at Play” Fiction

The Georgia Review

Anna Solomon “The Lobster Mafia Story” Fiction

American Short Fiction

Susan Steinberg “Cowboys” Fiction

The Southern Review

Mark Richard “House of Prayer No. 2” Nonfiction

Gettysburg Review

Eve Becker “Final Concert” Nonfiction

Update 20 May 2011

New England Review

Patrick Phillips “Spell Against The Gods” Poem


Frederic Tuten “The Verandah” Fiction

Update 24 May 2011

Alaska Quarterly Review

Donald Platt “Man on the Dump” Poem

Paris Review

John Jeremiah Sullivan “Mister Lytle” Nonfiction

The Red Tower: New and Selected Poems

David Rigsbee “Russians” Poem

Cincinnati Review

Jane Springer “Murder Ballad” Poem


13 thoughts on “Pushcart Prize 2012 Winners Announced

  1. Hi, Marc. Supposedly my piece, “Final Concert,” published in the Autumn 2010 Gettysburg Review, won one. I still don’t believe it, as I didn’t know it had even been nominated. I was notified by email by my editor at Gettysburg, and haven’t heard from anyone at Pushcart. So here I am googling, to see if I can actually start celebrating. As one of my 8th grade students said, “Well, Ms. Becker, how do you know the email wasn’t fake?”

  2. Hi, Eve,
    It’s not fake. Start celebrating! I didn’t know that I was nominated when my story won last year. The email from your editor at The Gettysburg Review is how the Pushcart folks notify the winners. You should receive an official copy of your story, along with any edits from the Pushcart editors sometime during the summer, then get your copy of the anthology in the fall!

    Congratulations–I’m adding it to the list!

  3. Marc… firstly, ♥. Thank you! I’ll drink the first glass to you. I’m so grateful to know how it works… and to start believing. Secondly, it’s nonfiction–a short memoir piece, essay, what have you.

    Have a lovely evening,

  4. Pardon what I hope is a dumb question from a foreigner, but why don’t Pushcart simply announce their awards at a ceremony and use the attendant publicity to see more anthologies? I received notification about the nomination of a poem from a U.S. quarterly which said I’d know by May of this year, so I’m presuming it hasn’t found favour. Why is it left to helpful and eneterprising people like you to feret these things out?

    • Hi Peter. It’s not a dumb question. The Pushcart Prize like many of the award anthologies doesn’t announce winners at a ceremony, preferring to contact individual editors at magazines and journals who then inform the authors who have won.

      O.Henry Prize Stories has an updated website, announcing their winners. So far it is the only print award anthology series (aside from Best of the Web) to do so.

  5. Hello Marc–

    After reading your site, thought I’d let you know that my essay “Dark Horse,” published in ORION July/Aug. 2010, is a Pushcart winner this year. Same situation as Eve Becker–my editor at Orion notified me. Good luck with your list!

    Lisa Couturier

      • Marc, I’m running across names of 2013 winners now. Do you want them sent to you somehow? (Yeah, I’m on the prowl for news on my nominations. I think I missed out, but it’s an honor just to be nominated, etc.)

      • Hi Pam,
        You can just link them in a comment below and I’ll post them.

  6. Also a nominee this last year, also on tinsel, fingers and other extremities either crossed or contorted into Stars of David, etc. Do please let us know the list of winners, when anyone gets them.

  7. Just saw this on Twitter:
    Radhika Jones ‏ @radhikajones
    Congrats to my awesome sister, @nalinijones, who won a Pushcart Prize for her short story “Tiger” in @onestorymag.

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